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Interested in Buying Marbles for Sons Birthday 10/1/98
Do you know what a Snow Peril is? mike 1/11/99
marble run?? 11/13/99
Re: marble run?? themarbleguy 11/13/99
Check out Mikes Marbles Website and a new bulletin board of marbles and collectibles! mike 12/27/99
Lake Superior Agates Ernie Vater 2/28/00
Laker Marbles Charlie White 11/9/00
marbles 11/28/00
10 MM Stones Mel 11/28/00
Magnesite 8/20/99
small marble stands for eggs, marblles 6/25/99
Marble stands themarbleguy 7/15/99
Small marble stands for marbles, eggs 7/15/99
Small marble stands for marbles, eggs 7/15/99
Trying to locate Yellow Camelian Agate 4/8/99
Ann Berger's e-mail address Mary Ann Melton 2/3/99

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