Marble Views
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It is hard to say what a certain type of marble looks like, because there are many variables in the various materials. The same piece of material might make several marbles and no two will look exactly alike. As an example, the following pictures are three views taken of a series of marbles, and as the marble is turned, the pattern changes.

Painted Valley Jasper

Same marble, turned


Sodalite - A much prettier

blue than the picture shows.

Amazon Valley Jasper

The pink shows a little,

as the stone turns, but

the next one might not

have pink at all.

Mook Jasper – Australia.

Varies from stone to stone.

Forest Fire Jasper – Africa

Could even come with

green in it – a conglomerate.

Red River Jasper – Africa

Usually red with white quartz inclusions.

Brazilain Agate

This one is banded, but there are several patterns for this material.

Blue Lace Agate

Hard to find larger sizes.

Material is scarce.

Australian Crazy Lace –

Has a tendency to have pits, but the colors are great!

Botswana Agate

Larger sizes are rare,

Beautiful patterns.